Optima 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery Review

The Optima yellow top battery is a dual purpose battery that utilizes AGM technology.

It has got a premium cranking power of 750 CCA is perfect for vehicles that are loaded with a lot of modern accessories.

Optima has 40 years of experience in delivering batteries that use the most innovative form of technology.

It has a deep cycling capability that a vehicle demands for running lights, high-performance stereos, AV systems, winches and hydraulics. Ford F150 and other Diesel trucks are a perfect match for this battery

It has a very low self-discharge rate and hence, it is extremely useful for seasonal use.

The value for reserve capacity of this battery is 120 minutes and it is covered with a polypropylene case for external protection.

The dimensions of this battery are 10×6.88×7.8 inches.

Optima 8014-045 YellowTop Features

  1. AGM BATTERY: The ABSORBED GLASS MAT technology that is used in this battery makes it maintenance free and spill-proof.
  2. HIGH CRANKING POWER: With 750 CCA, you are not going to waste your extra time and efforts for starting the engine in cold winters.
  3. DEEP CYCLING CAPABILITY: Your vehicle needs a deep cycling battery, if you have loaded out with too much electrical accessories.
  4. SPIRAL CELLS: These kinds of cells make the battery a strong and clean power source for your vehicle.


  • No self-discharging
  • Ideal for dual purpose
  • No need for cleaning and maintenance
  • High reserve capacity


  • Does not hold charge properly after 3 years of usage
  • Some buyers show disappointment with its quality

Optima 8014-045 YellowTop FAQ’s

  1. Is this battery suitable for marine use?

    Yes, you can use the optima yellow top battery for marine purposes. But, the bluetop battery would be more ideal for this.

  2. Will this be good in a camper application to run water boilers, microwave and LED lights?

    Yes, this should be fine as the optima yellow top battery is a deep cycling battery that can produce much greater power than other batteries.

  3. Does this battery need water to run?

    No, the optima yellow top battery is a sealed and maintenance free battery free battery that does not require water for functioning.

  4. What does the word dual purpose mean for this battery?

    The optima yellow top batteries have got extremely high starting power and also a very good reserve power supply. That is why it is called a dual purpose battery.

  5. What is the difference between Optima yellow top and Optima bluetop battery?

    The optima yellow top battery provides high cranking power along with deep cycling. Whereas, the blue top battery only provides deep cycling.

Final Words

A perfect battery for the ones looking for a battery with high cranking power. The optima yellow top battery is the only thing that you need for your vehicle to run properly.

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The purpose of this review was to provide all the necessary information about the optima 8014-045 d34/78 yellowtop dual purpose battery.

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