Optima 8006-006 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery Review

Optima Batteries 8006-006 34M BlueTopA marine starting battery with more recharging cycles than traditional batteries, the optima blue top battery is the perfect battery for boats with trolling motors.

It provides outstanding resistance to vibration and delivers efficient power with faster recharge.

This battery gives a sure starting and strong cranking ability and is a maintenance free power source.

It is spill proof and therefore mountable in any position or direction. It has 3 times more recharging capability than other marine batteries.

Optima blue top batteries are made up of 99.99% pure lead cells coated with a layer of lead oxide.

Optima has built over 100 million spiral cells since the 1990s and is known for its high quality, maintenance free batteries.

The cold cranking value is 800cca for this battery and it has the reserve capacity of 100 minutes. It has stainless steel stud posts with size measuring 10.6×8.8×7.8 inches.

It delivers optimum starting power of 12 volts even in the worst weather and has got 15 times greater vibration resistance.

Optima 8006-006 34M BlueTop Features

  1. MARINE STARTING BATTERY: No need to waste more time to start your marine vehicle now, the optima bluetop battery can do this in seconds.
  2. SUPERIOR TO TRADITIONAL BATTERIES: The traditional batteries usually leak and cause a lot of problems while the optima blue top batteries are completely leak proof and spill proof.
  3. HIGH CCA: With cold cranking power of 800 cca, the optima battery gives a high burst for starting even in the coldest weather.
  4. PURE LEAD CELLS: Batteries made with pure lead provide more power and more efficiency as compared to batteries made with lead alloys.


  • No need of maintaining and adding water
  • Spillproof, mountable in any position
  • Extremely high vibration resistance
  • More life with more power


  • Not compatible for deep cycling
  • Some buyers have told that they received old batteries with a very old manufacturing date

Optima 8006-006 34M BlueTop FAQ’s

  1. Can I charge this battery with a solar charger?

    Of course you can but make sure that you use a battery regulator while charging as the voltage needs to be the same.

  2. Are optima blue top with light grey case and dark grey case the same?

    The optima blue top battery with a dark grey case is only a starting battery and should not be used for deep cycling.
    Whereas the light grey battery is a dual purpose battery with optimum starting as well as deep cycling.

  3. Will I get a battery tray along with this?

    No, you will not receive any tray to protect the battery in the boat. Battery tray needs to be purchased separately and is not included in this package.

  4. What does a marine starting battery mean?

    The optima blue top 34M is a marine starting battery which means that it should be used for starting purposes only for boats and other marine vehicles.

Final Words

So here we discussed everything about the optima 8006-006 34M bluetop marine starting battery. We hope that you liked it and you also indulge in purchasing it.

Every battery user should once try to recondition their old battery before buying a new one.

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