Odyssey 35-PC1400T Automotive and LTV Battery Review

Odyssey 35-PC1400T Automotive And LTV BatteryOdyssey batteries are made up of 100% pure virgin lead unlike other batteries that are made by using lead alloys.

The cold-cranking amps value for this battery is 850 and the reserve capacity is 130 minutes.

It has got more plates that increases the surface area and helps in producing more power.

You will get impressed by its 2 times greater power and 3 times longer life than conventional batteries.

This battery from Odyssey can produce more than 400 charge and discharge cycles throughout its life which is best suitable for cars like Honda CRV, Subaru Outback and trucks like Ford f150.

It has massive starting power with deep cycling capability.

With 40% more reserve capacity, it has got tough frame retardant cell containers.

The cells used in this battery are internally connected so that they do not damage during vibration.

It is maintenance free and has a sealed design with no vent tube as the gases that are supposed to be eliminated are recycled internally.

The AGM technology helps in preventing acid spills in the battery.

And because it has a non-spill-able design, therefore you can mount it in any direction.

The dimensions for this variant of odyssey batteries are 9.96×6.84×8.69 inches.

Odyssey 35-PC1400T Features

  1. OPTIMUM CRANKING ABILITY: It has a high cranking ability with the value of 850 CCA, which helps you turn on the engine in a couple of seconds.
  2. DOUBLE POWER: With more number of plates, the battery has an increased surface area for producing more power.
  3. DEEP CYCLING: Unlike other batteries, the odyssey batteries are deeply cycles for providing uniform current throughout its usage.
  4. SEALED DESIGN: The battery is completely sealed from outside and does not produce gases that need to be thrown out.


  • Greater life with 400 charging cycles
  • Non-spillable design
  • Internal cell connections protect against vibration damage
  • Rapid recovery.


  • A specific charger for AGM batteries is required for charging
  • Some buyers find it costly

Odyssey 35-PC1400T FAQ’s

  1. Will this help in recovering dimming lights due to the 900watt amplifier in my car?

    Yes,it will. Dimming lights is actually caused because your car needs an extra battery for maintaining the functioning of all the appliances that you have loaded in your car. Adding on a secondary battery will be of great use.

  2. Does this battery needs a charger for recharging?

    Yes. You will be requiring an AGM battery to charge the odyssey 35-pc1400t automotive and ltv battery. These AGM chargers are easily available in the market. You can buy them online as well as offline.

  3. Does this battery needs ventilation?

    Not at all. Odyssey batteries are properly sealed and are maintenance free. All the gases are recycled internally causing no smoke to be thrown out.

  4. Does this battery has a heat sensor?

    Odyssey batteries do not have a heat sensor but we promise you that it can withstand high temperatures without any damage.

  5. Are these batteries actually made by Johnson Controls or are they relabelled?

    Odyssey batteries are not made by Johnson Controls. Odysseys batteries are manufactured by EnerSys energy products.

Final Words

Odyssey 35-pc1400t automotive and ltv battery is an overall good battery for replacement or if you aren’t able to recondition your old battery. We hope that you have liked its features and are planning to purchase it.

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