DieHard 38217 Group 49 lead Acid Battery Review

DieHard 38217 Group 49 Lead Acid Battery The DieHard battery comes with a cold-cranking power of 850 CCA. It has got more power than other batteries and a longer life.

DieHard batteries are made by utilising genuine AGM technology and it is America’s most recommended car battery ever.

It is heat sealed and tamper resistant that provides protection to the external battery equipments. The DieHard battery also has an enhanced electronic suspension system to safeguard the internal components of the battery.

With double the lifecycle and 20 times more vibration resistance it is ideal for off-road vehicles, watercraft, performance cars, and cars that undergo intense vibration which is a perfect choice for Ford F150 owners

It can withstand high temperatures and has full plate AGM technology.

DieHard batteries are spill proof and maintenance free. The full-frame positive and negative plates that are used in the battery prevent any electronic shorts to happen.

It also has an enhanced electrolyte suspension system that absorbs more electrolyte and thus protects the internal constituents of the battery.

The dimensions for the same are 13.9×6.9×7.5 inches according to length×breadth×height.

DieHard 38217 Features

  1. ABSORBED GLASS MATERIAL: The AGM technology makes the battery spill proof, maintenance free and mountable in any position.
  2. HIGH CRANKING ABILITY: The DieHard batteries have a cranking power of 850 cca to create an ease for starting the engine of your car in any extreme condition.
  3. LONGER LIFE: The life of DieHard batteries is double the life of conventional batteries.
  4. HIGH VIBRATION RESISTANCE: With 20 times more vibration resistance, it is suitable for applications that go through extreme and intense vibrations.


  • Guaranteed replacement within 3 years after purchasing
  • Heat-sealed and tamper-resistant outer covering
  • Safety against electronic shorts
  • Spill-proof and and can be virtually paced in any position


  • It may have some fitting issues. Check the dimensions of the battery before buying
  • Not as good as an OEM battery

DieHard 38217 FAQ’s

  1. Does this battery has a BEM code for battery management?

    No, this battery does not have a BEM code. In fact, no model of the DieHard battery has got such a code.

  2. Can I put this battery with a power inverter?

    Yes, you can. But make sure that the voltage of the invertir matches with the voltage of the battery i.e. 12V.

  3. Who is going to provide the warranty, Amazon or seller?

    If you are buying the battery from Amazon then obviously you need to contact Amazon for the replacement. And if you are buying it offline then you need to reach the store from where you have purchased it.

  4. Does DirHard batteries include an external vent tube?

    Due to its design and configuration, DieHard batteries do not require any vent tube for the elimination of gases.

Final Words

DieHard batteries have got a lot of features that may not be provided by other brands.

This battery may prove to be very useful for you. Therefore, if you plan to purchase an automotive replacement battery, make sure that you refer and go through the features of DieHard 38217 group 49 lead acid battery. You can also consider reconditioning your old battery before you opt for this

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