Caltric YTX20L-BS Battery for Harley Davidson Review

Caltric YTX20L-BSCaltric Ytx20L-Bs Agm Battery for Harley Davidson is an AGM based battery which has a special designed glass mat that wicks the electrolyte between the plates, stopping the spills. It is a 12V battery with 18 AH and 270 CCA.

It is a maintenance free battery, and it never needs water. It is deployed to you with complete charge and sealed. 

You can use this battery one as a Harley replacement battery for following models (According to the seller):

  1. 65989-97
  2. 65989-97A
  3. 65989-97B
  4. 65989-97C

The physical dimensions of this battery are:

  • Length = 6 ⅞ inches
  • Width = 3 7/16  inches
  • Height =  6 ⅛ inches
  • Weight = 13.5 pounds

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Caltric YTX20L Features

  1. AGM technology: This technology’s key is to provide the highly porous micro-fiber separators (Patented Solid Lead Female Threaded Terminals). They absorb, trap the acid completely. So, this battery is battery spill and leak proof.
  1. More cranking power: The battery has high power to crank, so that it can handle any high compression engine (270 CCA and 18 AH). You can just buy and ride it freely with confidence.
  1. Maintenance free: The battery eliminates the low water levels and needs no activation or filling. This battery has a good cranking power that withstands the damaging effects of severe vibrations.
  1. Safe and reliable: The AGM technology provides the utmost safety for a ride. The Patented Solid Lead Female Threaded Terminals absorb, trap the acid completely giving no chance to the spillage of acid. 
  1. Stainless Steel Bolts: These bolts are resistant to corrosion, lasts longer. It can endure very high and low temperatures as well as the high corrosive environment. Needs low maintenance and are easier to clean up. 


  • Safe and reliable.
  • No spillage or leakage of acid.
  • Has the high cranking power.
  • Offers optimal performance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to clean up the bolts with foam.


  • You need to be careful while buying a suitable charger.
  • The product lacks the quality of longevity.

Caltric YTX20L FAQ’s

  1. Is it easy to use?

    A big yes! 
    It will be shipped to you with complete charge. All you need to do is to install it carefully. And there you go! You are all set to ride your Harley.

  2. How many cold cranking amps does this battery have?

    The battery has a good power of 270 cold cranking amps to crank, so that it can handle any medium compression engine. You can just buy and ride it freely with confidence, if it is compatible with your bike’s engine.

  3. What are the physical dimensions of the battery?

    The physical dimensions of this battery are:
    Length = 6 ⅞ inches
    Width = 3 7/16  inches
    Height =  6 ⅛ inches
    Weight = 13.5 pounds

  4. Are there bolts included for the battery?

    Yes! The hardware is pre-installed with good bolts and special nuts of rich quality. Foaming under the nuts when you find more than one terminal, helps the bolt to get started in the nut.

  5. What kind of chargers work with this battery?

    Any kind of standard 12V supportive charger will work on this battery. We suggest the one with a float mode, so that you could eliminate the risk of overcharging your battery with 2amp or under amperage setting.

Final Words

Overall, it is a good battery which is safe and reliable as the glass mat installed within helps in absorbing the electrolyte which is ready to spill. With 270 CCA and 18 AH capacity it has, we can term it as a reliable battery for your Harley 65989-97, 65989-97A, 65989-97B, 65989-97C models. You can also try to revive your old battery using this guide

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