Best Replacement Batteries For LG V20 in 2020

Are you pissed off with your phone’s slow charging rate? Does your phone switch off after a few hours of full charging? Or, are you willing to change your phone but not have enough funds for it? Don’t panic dear LG V20 user because this article is going to end all the problems regarding your V20’s battery. Here is the list of all the best replacement batteries for LG V20. Go through the entire article if you wish to choose the best replacement battery which fits your budget as well as your needs. 

Top 5 best replacement batteries for LG V20

YISHDA LG V20 3200mAh Battery Replacement with Battery Charger (Best Overall)

Do you want the overall best replacement battery for your LG V20? Then Yishda may be a great choice for you.

This battery comes up with the best quality material as that of the original V20 battery and the best part is that you don’t need to buy a new charger for it because you get an LG V20 charger along with.

This battery follows the same framework as of the original V20 battery to provide your phone the best-fitted replacement battery ever. Worrying that replacement batteries are not trusted and may explode?

No need to think of this as Yishda LG V20 battery has a built-in IC chip that prevents overcharging to protect your phone from heating while charging.


  • Specialized adaptable charger.
  • It has an LED indicator.
  • Certified safety protection.
  • 18-month warranty.


  • Quality issues with the charger.
  • Slow charging rate.

SHENMZ LG V20 4200mAh Battery (Best High Quality Battery)

Wondering where to find the best high-quality battery for your V20? SHENMZ is possibly the best LG V20 replacement battery that is available in the market.

This battery has a tendency to accommodate up to 600 charging cycles which makes it super efficient for your LG V20. It has the maximum security protection that includes overheating, overloading and short-circuiting protection.

It is made up of the best lithium polymer cells which are known to have the highest efficiency. This replacement battery holds the same size and fit of the original battery but is even more efficient. The advanced technology of lithium polymer cells makes it possible to achieve 0% to 100% within a few minutes.


  • Has an aluminum casing.
  • Highly efficient composition of lithium polymer cells.
  • High safety protection
  • Highly adaptable structure


  • It can cause boot looping on the phone.
  • Maximum efficiency only reaches after 2-3 complete charge and discharge cycles.

ZURUN LG V20 3500mAh Battery (Best Budget battery)

Not having enough budget? No worries as the ZURUN LG V20 battery is the least expensive and the best. Now you might be thinking that cheap batteries are disappointing? Well, it’s not the case over here.

The ZURUN LG V20 battery is a lithium-ion battery which ensures that your battery won’t stop functioning under any situation. It has copper connectors that avoid the battery from disconnecting while charging.

It’s extremely efficient with almost 800 charging cycles and the most impressive thing about the ZURUN battery is it won’t let you loosen up your pocket since it is budget-friendly.


  • Fits with the LG G3 model as well.
  • Extremely cost-effective.
  • Highly efficient with lithium ions
  • Inbuilt IC chip protection.


  • Efficiency is seen after 3-5 whole charge and discharge cycles.
  • Chargeable only with the original LG V20 charger. 

DEEP STRETCH LG V20 4400mAh Battery (Best Rechargeable Battery)

Are you finding the best rechargeable battery for your V20? Then, Deep Stretch is for you! It arrives with a portable USB  charger that not only charges your phone but also has the capacity of charging your laptop, tablet, etc.

The charger is also capable of charging the battery without the phone. Isn’t it amazing? It’s again a lithium-ion battery which is known for its reasonably good efficiency.

Adjustable for your phone and has an LED indicator that shows red while charging and blue when fully charged.


  • It comes with a USB portable charger.
  • LED indicator present.
  • Durable and light-weight material.
  • Advance technology copper connectors.


  • The first charging cycle requires 6-12 hours for achieving 100%.
  • Not so good battery life.

SHENMZ LG V20 4380mAh Upgraded Battery (Best Cheap Battery)

Last but not least. This new upgraded version of the SHENMZ LG V20 battery is the cheapest which you can find. It consists of the same lithium polymer cells as that in the older version but at a much better price.

It has IC Chip protection and a battery wrap (cover) to protect the battery from overheating or any external damage. Highly recommended and as mentioned earlier SHENMZ delivers the best customer experience.

That’s why you get a 12- month warranty and a 30-day replacement and return policy. Go ahead and swap this one with your older and dead LG V20 battery.


  • Cheapest and  most affordable.
  • Battery life lasts up to 48 hours.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • Better than original LG V20 battery.


  • Any duplicate charger may damage the battery.
  • Fitting may not be accurate.

How to check the best replacement battery for LG V20?

Choosing the best replacement battery for your phone isn’t that complicated. Just have a look at the below-mentioned points and make sure to keep these points in mind while getting a new battery for your phone.


The efficiency of a battery is likely the most important thing being looked for. Make sure that the replacement battery is meeting the efficiency needs of your LG V20.

It should have the ability to complete at least 500 charge cycles. The battery level should last for a minimum of 12-24 hours. The rate of charging should not be more than 1 hour for completing 100%.

If your replacement battery isn’t meeting all these efficiency needs then it’s not a good fit for buying.


Some users of replacement batteries are frustrated with the size and fitting of the battery. Sometimes they are also forced to change their back cover as their replacement battery tends to pop out of the phone.

I am sure that you don’t want to face such issues. Hence, while searching for a replacement battery do have a look at the mobile phone models for which the replacement battery is compatible.


We hope that you are aware of the accidents caused due to the explosion of mobile phone batteries. Basically it happens due to overheating, overcharging over-voltage and short-circuiting of the battery.

Buying cheap and unbranded batteries for your mobile phone can lead to such dangerous accidents and can put your and your loved one’s lives in danger. To avoid such accidents make sure that the replacement battery which you are purchasing is certified by CE/FCC/RoHS for protection.

Advanced batteries also have an IC chip which is inbuilt to ensure that the battery does not get overheated and over-charged. If your replacement battery is installed with such kind of IC chip then it would be a great choice for your mobile phone.


Sometimes even the most expensive and advanced batteries are unable to fulfill the needs of the user.

Some users of replacement batteries also receive a defective piece from the company, they wish to replace or return, but are unable to because of not having any warranty or replacement policy.

Thus, before purchasing any replacement battery for your V20, you should note whether the company is proving a warrant with it or not.

Best Replacement Batteries for LG V20 FAQ’s

  1. ✅ Can you replace the battery of an LG V20 mobile phone?

    Yes of course, you can. There are numerous brands that provide replacement batteries for LG phones. Some most recommended ones are listed above.

    So there’s no need of creating inconvenience for yourself, swap your old V20’s with a new replacement battery.

  2. ✅ How long does an LG V20 battery last?

    An ideal V20 battery is capable of having 500-800 charge and discharge cycles which means that it can function properly up to 2 years.

    However, it may vary from one brand to another. A good efficient battery can be fully charged within an hour and has the tendency to hold the charge for an entire day.

  3. ✅ Which battery does the LG V20 use?

    The LG V20 mostly utilizes batteries made up of lithium-polymer or lithium-ion composition. Still some batteries may have combinations of copper magnesium and sulfur.

  4. ✅ Why is my LG V20 battery draining so fast?

    Draining of a mobile phone battery may occur due to any app which needs to work in the background.

    Check those apps and update them, if you still don’t notice any improvement then uninstall such apps. It may also occur due to a virus or a lack of storage space.

    Fix all the issues and check whether the efficiency of your battery increases or not. If not then you should replace it with a new battery.

  5. ✅ Is the LG V20 a good phone?

    No doubt that LG V20 is a premium phone with its configuration that resembles an iphone. It’s most reknown feature is its removable and exchangeable battery and back cover. A very fast and cost effective phone.

Final Words

LG V20 batteries can be bought online as well as offline. Make sure you are buying it from a genuine brand. This article has revealed the 5 best replacement batteries for LG V20. We wish that we would have helped you in choosing the best replacement battery for your phone and you are planning to get one of them.

By the way, did you know that you can repair a battery using EZ battery reconditioning. Dont forget to check it out as it can be very useful for you

We also hope that this article would prove to be an informative and helping piece for you.

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