Best Harley Davidson Battery in 2020 | Detailed Review and comparison

On a good day, your Harley Davidson will start just fine and you can ride the wind with no issues. But are there days when your bike just won’t start. That clunking sound from your engine is just plain annoying, isn’t it? Chances are your battery isn’t living up to the requirements and it’s time to invest in the Best Harley Davidson Battery according to your requirements.

Many factors affect the performance of your bike battery. The age of your bike, the miles you’ve travelled, the iitional accessories your bike has are the major ones. If your bike is having problems starting up, chances are that you have a battery with a poor CCA rating.

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What do you mean by CCA or Cold Cranking Amps?

Widely speaking, CCA is the rating that determines the performance of your battery. Engines need a strong jolt of electricity to get started initially. The battery provides this energy. The CCA rating is the amount of electricity the battery can provide over a standard period of time. The stronger the electricity, the easier your engine starts.

A high CCAis especially recommended for cold climates as the battery has to counter effect the cold while heating up the engine at the initial phase. Same is true for  vehicles at high altitudes. Having extra accessories such as third party headlights and horns can also have a affect on the battery performance. 

Does Higher CCA result in a good condition battery?

Generally, yes.  A higher CCA means stronger starting power hence better performance. But it is not always a good idea to invest in a stronger battery just for CCA. Sometimes it can be an overkill and batteries can be pricey.

The best battery for your Harley Davidson should meet these requirements.

  • It should be able to start the engine without hassle.
  • It should account for the temperature and altitude at your place.
  • It should account for the third party accessories on your vehicle.
  • It should account for the age of your bike as old components such as starters etc. can be harder to work with.

Generally, all vehicles have a CCA rating. Most of the time they are all you need but you can surely customize it based on your needs.    

How to test the CCA of a battery?

In most batteries, CCA is tested as a  measure of the internal resistance of the battery. The battery is put in a simulated environment at sub-zero temperatures  and the discharge time and other readings are taken. They provide an excellent approximation of how the battery will perform in harsh real life conditions. There are regulatory bodies such as the Battery Council International  that make sure the best quality reaches the consumers and that the batteries are robust and safe.

Now that you know what to look for, here are 10 best batteries for Harley Davidson no matter what you’re looking for.

11 best batteries for harley davidson

1. Anti-Gravity Batteries AG-ATX-12-HD-RS Battery (The Best Harley Davidson Battery)

The Best Harley Davidson Battery

Anti-Gravity is one of the leading brands when it comes to the best battery for Harley Davidson. They are known for the quality of their products. This particular battery is probably the best overall in our list. With an amazing 480 cranking amps it is sure you get the power you need.

The Re-Start function is really useful. It smartly checks the battery level and slows down the discharging sending the battery into a sleep mode whenever the battery is moderately discharged. This helps in extending battery time.

Moreover, the Lithium Ion technology makes it lighter and safer than most of its competitors in the market.

It is also one of the first few batteries to exhibit a full on-board Battery Management System which helps in smartly managing the functioning of the battery.

Read more about Anti-Gravity Batteries AG-ATX-12-HD-RS Battery


  • Excellent 480 cranking amps.
  • Re-Start technology.
  • Versatility. Compatible with a lot of bikes.
  • Longer life cycle than competitors.
  • 16 Amp Hours (PbEq)/ 8Ah (Actual)


  • More expensive than its competitors.
  • Hard to install.

2. THROTTLEX HDX30L (Best Battery with excellent Performance)

Best Battery With Excellent Performance

THROTTLEX is one of the best companies out there. The HDX30L is a powerful battery that has the best in performance in our lis and is also a recommended replacement battery for the Harley Davidson. The 400 CCA and 28Ah battery life  guarantee seamless performance.  

The AGM technology makes the model spill-proof and highly vibration resistant. 

In addition to motorbikes, this battery can also be used for ATVs, scooters and other vehicles easily. It should also easily sustain additional power needs implied by custom implanted third party accessories that some users might want to have on their rides.

The features of this battery closely replicate that of the original Harley battery, making it a decent choice for a replacement.

Read more about Throttlex HDX30L


  • Excellent 400 cranking amps.
  • AGM technology. 
  • Durable and Spill proof.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 28 Amp Hours


  • More expensive than its competitors.
  • Incompatible with some models.

3. Chrome pro battery YTX7A-BS (Best Cheap harley Davidson) Battery)

Best Cheap Harley Davidson) Battery

This is the best option for you if you’re just looking for a cheap alternative for your old battery or maybe if you have a bike with low demands. This is the best cheapest option in the market and has decent user reviews. Although the lifetime has been found to be pretty low.

The battery comes with a built-in chip and a unique digital display that constantly displays the available charge left in the battery and the voltage. Additionally, there’s also a built-in alarm system to warn against severe discharging. 

And thanks to the AGM technology no maintenance is required as the battery itself is sealed and spill-proof.

Read more about Chrome YTX7A-BS Motorcycle Battery


  • Extremely cheap.
  • AGM technology. 
  • Durable and Spill proof.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Versatility. Compatible with a lot of bikes


  • Not fit for heavy applications. 
  • Short battery life.

4. Yuasa YUAM732HL Battery (Best Battery with amazing CCA)

Best Battery With Amazing CCA

If you have a bike with a ton of power robbing accessories, this is the perfect option for you. The whopping 500 CCA rating makes it the battery with the best CCA rating on our list.   

Though the high CCA rating comes with a compromise for size and the battery may not be the best choice for smaller vehicles. But in retrospect, it’s way too powerful for smaller bikes anyway so you’re not missing out on much if you don’t have a heavy bike. 

It boasts having a special Lead-Calcium technology which lets it hold more charge than any regular battery.

The sealed technology makes it maintenance free and it is also really affordable considering it’s performance.

Read more about Yuasa YUAM732HL Battery


  • Whopping 500 CCA.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Durable and Spill proof.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Versatility. Compatible with a lot of bikes.


  • Very heavy.
  • May be a little pricey for some consumers.

5. Pirate Battery YTX20L-BS (Best Harley Davidson battery for cold weather)

Best Harley Davidson Battery For Cold Weather

Cold weather is bad for a lot of batteries. The Pirate Battery YTX20L-BS exhibits excellent

AGM technology that makes it spill-proof and highly durable.

 The polypropylene shell design is the reason behind it’s excellent cold resistance feature and it makes it the best battery for cold weather on our list.

The battery also features a higher than usual cranking power andis perfect for excessive loads. Not the best option for smaller vehicles maybe due to its bulky design.

And lastly, just look at that awesome design on the cover!

Read more about Pirate YTX20L-BS Motorcycle Battery


  • Best option for cold weather.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Durable and Spill proof.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Versatility. Compatible with a lot of bikes.


  • Uses outdated terminal design.
  • Maybe a little heavy for some bikes.

6. Deka Sports Power ETX-30L (Best versatile harley davidson battery)

Best Versatile Harley Davidson Battery

WIth addition to the amazing 400 CCA rating and sturdy design, the Deka Sports Power ETX-30L gives tough competitions to other Harley Davidson batteries out there. The quality is commendable and the battery is perfect for bpth extreme usage as well as some simple applications.

Not just bikes, this battery is also perfect for ATVs, scoters, etc. This makes this the best versatile battery on our list.

The battery comes with installment accessories such as bolts and spacers thus making the installation hassle free and smooth. 

Although a matter of concern is the mixed customer reviews the product is getting. While some are really fond of this product some are reporting some serious issues.

Read more about Deka Sports Power ETX-30L Battery


  • Decent rating of 400 CCA.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Quite affordable relative to its competitors.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Versatility. Compatible with a lot of bikes


  • Mixed customer reviews.
  • Complaints related to durability.

7. Mighty Max Battery YTX20L-BS (best budget harley davidson battery)

Best Budget Harley Davidson Battery

If you’re on a budget and looking for a bike battery, this is the right option for you. Don’t compromise with quality even if you’re tight on  budget. Mighty Max has been known for making decent products at affordable prices. 

This battery is unique as it combines Gel and AGM technologies to give you the best of both worlds! Sturdy designs with slow discharging time. 

The high discharge rate makes sure that the battery never really dies out completely and acan be recharged to bring it back to its top performance. 

It is designed to function at extreme temperatures and you can rely on the quality for a hassle free experience.

Although the design has only 270 CCA which is pretty low compared to its competitors.

Read more about Mighty Max Battery YTX20L-BS


  • Can come back to life after severely discharging.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Quite affordable relative to its competitors.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Good resistance against temperature changes.


  • Incompatible with a lot of models.
  • 270 CCA may be low for some cases.

8. THROTTLEX HDX20L Battery (best harley Davidson battery with leak proof design)

Best Harley Davidson Battery With Leak Proof Design

Also produced by THROTTLEX, the HDX20L is in a lot of ways similar to the HDX30L listed above. It provides the same quality but with 310 CCA instead of 400 CCA.

This is the perfect choice if you own a lighter vehicle and are looking for something sturdy yet affordable. 

Somewhat cheaper than the more powerful big brother for obvious reasons, the battery turns out to be pretty reliable when it comes to performance. Being a replica of the original HArley batteries too, it is a good choice for replacements.

It gets all the basic points right such as power and maintenance and could be a good option if you don’t really want any power robbing accessories on your ride. Sometimes it can be a better option than its stronger version and can save you some bucks. 

Read more about THROTTLEX HDX20L


  • 310 cranking amps.
  • Best when it comes to leak proofing. Perfect for rough terrain.
  • Spill proof.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 18 Amp Hours


  • Better alternative available.
  • Incompatible with some models.

9. Caltric Ytx20L-Bs Agm Battery (best vibration resistant harley davidson battery)

Best Vibration Resistant Harley Davidson Battery

Lead acid batteries are pretty ineffective for rough terrain as they’re not very resistant to vibrations. AGM technology, on the other hand, boasts about being extremely durable and fundamentally spill- proof. 

This is the perfect battery for you if you’re looking for something down the lines of durability and stability.

Made out of good and sturdy materials it ensures long battery life even after rough usage.The user reviews back up the claim to an extent but still some people have a few complaints which probably can be considered.

Though it exhibits a low discharge rate, the 270 CCA does raise some suspicions.

Read more about Caltric YTX20L-BS Battery


  • Low discharge rates.
  • Best in terms of vibration resistance. Perfect for rough terrain.
  • Spill proof.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 18 Amp Hours


  • 270 CCA only.
  • Incompatible with some models.

10. Shorai LFX18A1-BS12 Battery (Best lightweight Harley davisdon battery)

Best Lightweight Harley Davisdon Battery

Weight can be an important factor for some rides. You would not want to burden your  light bike with a bulky battery now, would you?

Another battery with Lithium Ion technology, this ensures a safe battery with reliable power. 

Although you may not want it for demanding machines. Even though it is powerful and light, it can only do so much. Expecting too much from a simple battery such as this is kinda unjust.  

This is the perfect lightweight solution for lightweight bikes that do not need a very high cranking power.

The price is however kinda high when we take the performance into account, but again some might argue that the weight counteracts the difference of the price.

Read more about Shorai LFX18A1-BS12


  • Charges very fast.
  • Lithium Ion technology. Safe and durable.
  • Spill proof.
  • No maintenance required.
  • High cranking speed.


  • High discharge speed.
  • Kinda pricey.

11. PowerStar AGM battery (best maintanance free harley davisdon battery)

Best Maintanance Free Harley Davisdon Battery

Another battery featuring the best AGM technology, this battery is self-sufficient in itself in terms of maintenance and durability. It boasts having a longer battery life than its competitors and gives its competition a tough challenge when it comes to performance and versatility. 

It boasts to have almost 3 times the battery life of its competitors but given its size, it is only expected. If size is an issue for you, this isn’t really your best option.

The low discharge rates makes it a very good option for most cases.

Read more about PowerStar AGM Battery


  • The best maintenance free battery on our list.
  • Spill proof.
  • Slow discharging rates.
  • Long battery life.
  • Easy to mount.


  • Very bulky.
  • Low CCA hence not much cranking power.

How to choose the best battery for harley davidson

Still confused which one to pick? Don’t worry. Here’s some tips that’ll help you choose the best battery for your Harley Davidson. 

While many factors need to be accounted for, here are some technical specifications you should consider before making a choice.

Recharge Time

This is an extremely important parameter as it can be really annoying to leave a charged battery when you leave your bike in the garage only to find a discharged one the next time.

The requirement will depend on the frequency of your use, no doubt but it is never a bad idea to look for user reviews on the battery you’re planning to buy.

Batteries with Re-Start technology are taking the market by storm these days. The Anti-Gravity Batteries AG-ATX-12-HD-RS Battery has similar features.


Get a battery that fits in your battery compartment. You may think that it’s probably fine to compromise size for performance and end up making modificati ons but it can be both dangerous and counterproductive as you may end up damaging both your battery and your vehicle. 

Engine compatibility

Not all batteries are the perfect fit for your engine. Harley Davidsons have well built engines with very specific requirements. Checking compatibility before purchasing a battery is a must. 


Most vehicles, including your Harley, run on a 12V battery. It is always a good idea to cross check the voltage rating of the battery you’re about to purchase as unfit voltage specs may result in complications.


Pretty much true for everything, you should check up on the durability of the battery you’re purchasing. How long your battery lasts will mostly depend on how you roughly you use your bike, the terrain and a lot of other factors that vary from user to user. Reading up user reviews before purchasing is always a good idea.

How to Repair a harley davidson Battery

Almost every battery is repairable if all the steps and methods are done properly. One such method is EZ Battery Reconditioning by Tom Ericson where he has mentioned all the working methods which one can use to repair his/ her battery and save a lot of money

Certain battery types are fundamentally more durable than others. But they also come with a price. Check the next section for more info.

Types of Harley Davidson Batteries

Gel Batteries

The most expensive out there, gel batteries prove amazing in extreme weather conditions. The state of the art technology features spill-proof designs with very slow discharging rates. They are not that common due to their price.  

AGM Batteries

AGM or Advanced Glass Mat technology is the most popular choice these days. They are spill-proof and economical as well. Although they have higher discharge rates than Gel batteries, they are the most reasonable choice for most cases as they provide great price to performance value.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead Acid batteries are the cheapest form of batteries and closely resemble the model; of traditional batteries. They have liquid electrolytes inside and hence they need to be kept upright to avoid spillage. The inefficiency and maintenance issues make them the least desirable choice. Although, if you’re looking for something extremely economical, they’re the perfect fit. 

Different types of harley battery terminals

Screw Terminal: They are convenient and easy to use. They get threaded onto the battery directly for ease of access.

Lead Terminal : They are pretty popular. They have lead caps and are electrically solid.

Steel Terminal: They are convenient and easy to use. They get threaded onto the battery directly for ease of access. But they are not that common. 

Best Harley Davidson Battery FAQs

  1. ✅ What type of battery does Harley Davidson use?

    A Harley Davidson generally needs a battery for cranking the battery. Hence a good ca=raking battery or even a dual purpose battery will be the best choice for a Harley Davidson.

  2. ✅ Who makes the batteries for Harley Davidson?

    Deka – East Penn Manufacturing are the official manufacturers of Harley Davidson batteries as of now. 

  3. ✅ How long do Harley batteries last?

    A decent Harley Davidson battery is expected to gebnerally last at least for 3 to 5 years. This is subject to change according to the use of an individual unit.

  4. ✅ How many cold cranking amps do I need for a motorcycle?

    For motorcycles, generally 300-400 CCA is enough. Although, a higher CCA is recommended for bikes with third party modifications.

  5. ✅ Does a motorcycle battery charge while riding?

    Yes, motorcycle batteries charge just the way car batteries do.

  6. ✅ Does Battery Tender extend battery life?

    Battery tenders or maintainers generally make sure you can use your battery to its full lifespan. They do not extend the battery life.

Final words

The Anti-Gravity Batteries AG-ATX-12-HD-RS Battery might seem like a clear winner but on closer inspection it can be seen that a lot of features are solely based on the requirement of the consumer himself as such it is a good idea to think of one’s needs before deciding on any sort of purchase.

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