Best Battery For Ford F150 in 2020 | Best Reviews and Product Comparisons

The Ford F150 is one of the most elegant vehicles on the road, both in terms of style and performance. But like any classy machine, it needs the perfect parts and accessories to be the amazing ride it is. This guide will help you find the best battery for Ford F150 in the market in 2020.

The battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The battery is responsible for providing that first Holt of electricity that runs the starter that fires up your engine. 

A heavy vehicle such as the F150 requires a powerful engine which in turn demands an equally powerful and capable battery. A good battery is characterized by good cranking power, measured in CCA and it’s reserve capacity, or RC. 

10 Best Batteries For Ford F150

Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive Battery (Best Battery for Ford F150)

A product from Odyssey, the 65-PC1750T guarantees quality in terms of durability and performance. With an amazing cranking power of 950 CCA, it is one of the best batteries for the F150 as well as any other truck in the market

It claims to have an amazing 3-10 years service life and comes with a warranty of 3-4 years when ordered from an authorized dealership. 

One of the best features that makes this product a real challenge for its competitors is that it claims to have the highest recharge efficiency for any sealed lead battery in the market. The entire battery gets charged from 0 to 100% in just around 5-6 hours. 

The battery has an exceptional deep cycling capability that lets you extract the best out of the battery.

The 65-PC1750T has an amazing shelf life and along with the vibration resistant and spill-proof design is really a good choice to get the best out of your Ford F150.

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  • Cranking power of 950 CCA.
  • Reserve Capacity of 145 minutes.
  • Exceptional deep cycling capability.
  • Fast recharging rate.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design


  • Moderately expensive.

ACDelco 94RAGM Professional Automotive Battery (Best Ford F150 Battery with Amazing Quality)

ACDelco is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers for automobile accessories out there. The 94RAGM is the perfect battery for you if you’re looking for amazing quality and technology.

The AGM technology guarantees a spill-proof design and nullifies the need for any maintenance. 

With an ample capacity of 80Ah, it’s perfect for heavy loads and long journeys. One of the batteries having the best deep cycling capabilities, the 94RAGM is the perfect fit for a F150 keeping in mind the general size and performance ratio. 

The price of the battery is quite reasonable when we take into account all the features and the battery even comes with a 36 month warranty. 

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  • Cranking power of 850 CCA.
  • Reserve Capacity of 140 minutes.
  • Exceptional deep cycling capability.
  • Good price to performance ratio.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • Not the best cranking power. 
  • Quite heavy.

ACDelco 65AGMHR Professional Automotive Battery (Best Battery For Ford F150 With Less Maintenance)

Best Battery For Ford F150 With Less Maintenance

Having almost similar specs as the 94RAGM, the ACDelco 65AGMHR also exhibits the state of the art Absorbed Glass Mat technology, which makes the battery fundamentally spill-proof and maintenance-free.

Although the 775 CCA of cranking power is somewhat lower than the competition, it is a decent rating for the F150. If you’re not looking for heavy loads, this might actually be the perfect battery for you as this is a cheaper version and provides amazing performance. 

Coming with a 36 month warranty, you can put your trust on the battery and rely on the technology to give you a smooth hassle-free experience.

The best feature of the battery is its starting power and thus is the perfect solution for any power related problems you might be having. 

It is a good option for old models like the 1994 Ford F150.

The battery features corrosion free terminals  which is like a cherry on top.

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  • Lightweight.
  • Good option for any truck that takes the 65 series battery.
  • Corrosion free terminals.
  • Good price to performance ratio.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • Not the best cranking power. 
  • Not preferable for modern F150 models.

Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery (Best Small Ford F150 Battery)

Best Small Ford F150 Battery

The Optima YellowTop is the perfect powerhouse for your F150. The amazing dual purpose functionality makes it an optimal choice for modern Ford F150 models as it can power electronics such as audio systems etc., in addition to amazing cranking power.

Optima batteries are known for their special design and durability. The YellowTop’s main strength is the deep cycling capability and if you want a small, lightweight option for your car, the YellowTop is the way to go. 

Although it has rather low cranking power of just 620 CCA in comparison to most of its competitors, the battery provides rather good performance when it comes to powering electronics.

But one thing the battery is quite reasonable for is its functionality to perform in harsh climates. That is another factor you can look into if you live in an area with extreme temperatures.

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  • Lightweight.
  • Good for electronics.
  • Slow discharging.
  • Good price to performance ratio.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • Low cranking power.
  • Only 98 minutes of reserve capacity.

NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Battery (Best Ford F150 Battery with max CCA)

Best Ford F150 Battery With Max CCA

Probably the best Group 35 battery for the Ford F150, this battery is a complete powerhouse loaded with 745 CCA and almost 118 reserve capacity.

The battery however is moderately expensive but is totally worth it if you live in cold regions. 

The timeless design allows discharging upto 80% with over 400 cycles which allows amazing recharging speeds. It has a same type build and the body is made of plastic.

The Pure Lead AGM technology makes it quite maintenance-free and the robust design assures heat and vibration resistance. 

This is the perfect battery for you if what you seek is a quick start every time, even in extreme cold climates.

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  • Cranking power of 740 CCA.
  • Reserve Capacity of 118 minutes.
  • Exceptional deep cycling capability.
  • Excellent for cold climates.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • Steep price point.
  • Not the best, performance wise.

Optima Batteries 8025-160 25 RedTop Battery (Best Ford F150 Battery with amazing Starting Power)

Best Ford F150 Battery With Amazing Starting Power

Unlike the YellowTop, the highlighted feature of the RedTop is the starting power. With a decent 720 CCA, this variant of the RedTop is perfect for firing up your F150 engine with ease. 

Now, just like the YellowTop, the RedTop comes with an exceptional AGM technology and provides pretty decent performance for its size and price.  

The maintenance-free AGM design makes the battery spill-proof, vibration resistant and fundamentally maintenance free. It has a decent 44Ah rating but its definitely not the best in the market. If you can compromise the size, you can look at other variants too.

The battery comes with a 36 month warranty when ordered from Amazon so you don’t have to worry about the reliability at all.

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  • Cranking power of 740 CCA.
  • Fair price point.
  • Excellent for cold climates.
  • Great starting power.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • 90 minutes of serve capacity.
  • Not suitable for long discharges.

Optima Batteries 8004-003 34/78 RedTop Battery (Best Powerful Ford F150 Battery)

Best Powerful Ford F150 Battery

An advancement to the previous edition, this battery comes with a  800 CCA of cranking power making it even more powerful than the above edition. Although slightly heavier than the last version, this version stores more power and packs a decent 100 minutes of reserve capacity making sure you have no worries wevn in bad weather. 

Although priced higher than the previous version, this battery has the same warranty features as its companion and you can rely on the quality.

However the user reviews are quite mixed and caution is recommended before you make a purchase. 

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  • Cranking power of 800 CCA.
  • Reserve Capacity of 100 minutes.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Good starting power.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • Low battery life.
  • Conflicting user reviews.

Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery (Best Dual Purpose Ford F150 Battery)

Best Dual Purpose Ford F150 Battery

Another installment from Optima, this variant is a slightly more powerful version of the last YellowTop model and is perfect for its dual purpose functionality If you want both power and performance.

The YellowTop is the best in class for vehicles with custom accessories.

The price point is pretty fair and again comes with a  36 month warranty period. 

The weather resistant, and AGM technology is same as the last edition.

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  • Decent 750 CCA rating.
  • Reserve capacity of 120 minutes.
  • Slow discharging.
  • Good price to performance ratio.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • Not the best starting power.
  • Mixed customer reviews.

DieHard 38217 Group 49 Lead Acid Battery (Best Durable Ford F150 Battery)

Best Durable Ford F150 Battery

Another extremely durable battery featuring the AGM technology, this battery is probably the most durable battery in our list.

With high power and performance, it comes with excellent vibration protection and maintenance free design along with an amazing casing making sure you can take your ride to even the harshest of terrains. 

This is the perfect battery for you if you need your ride for extremely rough uses and is one of the best batteries in the Group 49 division.

In terms of power, it has a whopping 850 CCA along with a reserve capacity of 170 minutes makes it an excellent choice for long, tiring journeys.

So if you want a battery as tough and powerful as your rise, you can pair your F150 up     with this battery for some mind blowing results.

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  • Decent 850 CCA rating.
  • Reserve capacity of 170 minutes.
  • Extremely heavy duty.
  • 92Ah rating.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • Quite heavy.
  • Moderately expensive.

Odyssey 35-PC1400T Automotive Battery (Best Cheap Ford F150 battery)

Best Cheap Ford F150 Battery

A slightly cheaper version of the 65-PC1750T, this battery does not compromise when it comes to performance. Although rated at only 850 CCA compared to it’s 950 CCA counterpart, this battery is a great option if you’re looking for performance at slightly affordable rates. 

This battery does not compromise when it comes to the charging efficiency either and almost replicates all the features of the 65-PC1750T. 

To top everything off, this comes with a 3 year warranty too and a decent battery life of 3-10 years.

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  • Cranking power of 850 CCA.
  • Exceptional deep cycling capability.
  • Fast recharging rate.
  • High battery life.
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant design.


  • Moderately expensive. 
  • Lower CCA than its counterpart.

How to choose the best battery for Ford F150?

A lot of factors need to be kept in mind while choosing a battery for your Ford F150. There is no battery fit for all conditions and you must make a choice based on your personalized need as you need a battery for Ford and not for a Harley Davidson 

We understand that the decision can be overwhelming sometimes as batteries are really expensive and a wrong decision can be expensive too. 

Hopefully these tips will help you find a suitable battery for your Ford. 

Here are some tips to help you choose a perfect battery for your Ford F150.

Check the basic properties.

All batteries have certain properties which characterize the functionality of the battery as a whole. Some of them are.

BCI Group Size

When it comes to the Ford F150, not all models have the same group size. The group size defines the size and weight of your battery. While buying a replacement, it is a must to check the proper group size as well as the chemistry. 

There are various types of cells such as the AGM, Lead Acid and Gel type.

Usually the AGM is the most popular one as it provides a spill-proof design along with excellent  durability and is moderately priced.

AH rating

The Ah rating is basically a function of how long the battery will last after a full charge. Not all batteries have the Ah rating as mostly deep cycling batteries use this terminology, but still it gives a good measure of the overall battery quality. The higher the Ah rating, the better your battery will last. 


CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is a measure of your battery’s cranking power. The higher the CCA, the faster can it start the engine. The batteries designed for cold climates usually have a high CCA rating as they need stronger jolts of electricity for starting the same engine. For a Ford F150, anything between 700-900 is a decent range and you may not want to go lower than that.


RC or reserve capacity is a terminology used for batteries that do not display deep cycling capacity. It is the number of minutes the battery will last after a full charge, delivering 25Amps per minute, before 

falling below the threshold battery level, usually 10V in 12V batteries. 

A higher RC will mean longer discharge times in case you can’t charge your battery. It is a good idea to aim for higher RC values as it may save you when you’re stuck with an engine that won’t start. 


Lastly, you should also check if your battery comes with a proper warranty as  most batteries have very fragile chemistries and something can go wrong for the piece you have even though the brand and the product have good reviews. 

Most good brands provide at least a 36 month warranty but it is only applicable if you buy from authorised dealerships. The point is, you do not want to buy a botched battery from a shady store when you can have a warranty for buying a battery through proper channels.

Check durability

Durability is an important factor while deciding a battery for your Ford. While some battery types have a better durability due to their design, it is always a good idea to invest into a battery with the best durability possible. Nothing can be worse than your battery dying in the middle of nowhere, right?

AGM or Gel type batteries are spill-proof by design and are therefore more durable than traditional batteries. You don’t have to worry about keeping them upright and that’s just one less thing to worry about. 

Check If it is repairable

A lot of batteries including car can be easily repaired if one knows the correct method. You can find a number of methods on the internet but the Tim Ericson tried a tested a number of things and came up with his know method known as the ez battery reconditioning method that helped a lot of people.

Check maintenance requirements

Most batteries these days claim to be maintenance free by design but usually the cheaper ones so require some maintenance as their parts are subject to corrosion. It is a good idea to invest in a battery with minimal maintenance requirements. Sealed batteries are a good idea as there is no need for you to manually change the water inside like traditional batteries. 

Check Power Requirements

It goes without saying that you must identify the battery with the best power capabilities. But the thing is, different vehicles have different power requirements. Some vehicles may have extra accessories that may not be an issue in some older models. The older models however may have backated electronics that need more cranking power to get the engine rolling. 

Most starters need 12V but it is always a good idea to double-check your battery and engine compatibility. Some vehicles may need additional power depending on temperature and altitude to counteract the opposing , unfavourable conditions. S make sure you take care of all the possible power requirements before you decide a battery for your Ford F150.

It is also not economic to just go out and buy the most powerful battery for your vehicle out there. You may get a battery that is an overkill for your needs and you’ll lose nothing but money in the process. So, choose smart.

Check Resistance

Your battery, just like your vehicle will have to go through a lot of hard conditions like temperature fluctuations and rough terrains. If you don’t have a properly conditioned battery, you may run into quite a few problems. 

Vibration resistant batteries are a good choice as they let you go out on rough terrains without hesitation. AGM or Gel batteries are a safe bet because most of the products in that area provide amazing vibration resistance and weather sealing.

Temperature fluctuations also pose a decent threat on battery life. Also, the heat generated by your vehicle can harm your battery. It is important to look for proper heat and cold resistance properties before you buy the perfect battery for your vehicle.

Check Recharge Time

This is a very important feature, which is sure to cause trouble. The recharge time must be checked when you buy a battery for your car. Initially, the battery charges the engine up so it can start. Once the engine is running, the battery  gets charged. Now if you have a fast discharging battery with a slow recharge speed, you’re sure to land in trouble when you’re on long journeys. 

It is absolutely necessary to check your battery compatibility with your car’s charging rate before you make a purchase.

FAQs Regarding Best For F150 Battery

  1. What kind of battery does a Ford F150 need?

    For a demanding vehicle like the Ford F150, you need a battery with good cranking power. If you have a good amount of electronics like the new Ford F150 Ecoboost, you may consider getting something with good deep cycling capacities as well. Most users prefer using dual purpose batteries.

  2. What brand of battery does Ford use?

    The Ford batteries are of Motocraft made by Johnson Controls. While there are some other suppliers too, Johnson Controls remain at the top. 

  3. What size battery does a 2004 Ford f150 take?

    Ans: Not all models use the same battery. You must check the year of manufacture and the exact model number of your car to find the correct battery size.

Final Words

While the Odyssey 65-PC1750T seems like the best option, it may be a bit pricey for some consumers. It is recommended that you fully understand your vehicle and only invest in the battery fit for your Ford F150. Keep in mind to check the specs per mentioned above for a better understanding.

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