ACDelco ACDB24R AGM Automotive BCI Battery Review

ACDelco ACDB24R AGM Automotive BCI  BatteryACDelco ACDB24R Advantage AGM Automotive BCI Group 51 Battery is designed with a motto of giving a reliable starting power.

Be the application is industrial or automotive or recreational or marine, ACDelco, with its various offerings (Voyager, Professional, Advantage, Heavy duty) meet any need.

This battery is laboratory tested and field proven with an 24 month industrial battery replacement warranty. This battery is best known for its standard performance and mostly to withstand in cold climate.

The physical dimensions of this battery are:

  • Length = 18.5 inches
  • Width = 11.4 inches
  • Height = 9.5 inches
  • Weight = 31.2 pounds

ACDelco ACDB24R Features

  1. ACDelco Special Parts: Their special parts are engineered to OE expectations for exceptional applications that require enhanced performance, including police vehicles.
  1. Stable Quality & High Reliability: This battery provides stable and reliable performance. This battery can withstand overcharge, vibration, shock, over discharge, and is capable of holding the extended storage.
  1. Good cranking power: The battery has good power to crank, so that it can handle any high compression engine (325 CCA, 45 AH). You can just buy and ride it freely with confidence.
  1. 1 year replacement warranty: It offers the 1 year free replacement warranty. What is there to fear about buying it? You can always contact the seller within the year in case replacement is needed.
  1. Easy Application: These batteries are delivered with a complete charge. So, You can be ready to go once the product gets delivered with an easy installation of the battery to the application.


  • Safe and reliable.
  • Has the high cranking power.
  • Offers optimal performance with high durability.
  • Easy to install.
  • Value for the money you invest on it.


  • A heavy battery.
  • You should be careful while buying a suitable charger.


  1. What is the size of the terminals on top of it?

    They are smaller than standard car batteries. Terminals are 13mm(+) and 11mm (-). This battery is for Toyota Prius or Lexus CT200.

  2. What kind of chargers work with this battery?

    Any kind of standard 12V supportive charger will work on this battery. We suggest the one with a float mode, so that you could eliminate the risk of overcharging your battery with 2amp or under amperage setting.

  3. Are these batteries filled with acid upon ordering or are they already filled?

    No. It is not necessary to add acid upon delivery as the battery is filled before the delivery itself. The battery comes with complete charge too. On delivery, all you need to do is to install the battery and go for a ride.

  4. What are the physical dimensions of the battery?

    The physical dimensions of this battery are:
    Length = 18.5 inches
    Width = 11.4 inches
    Height = 9.5 inches
    Weight = 31.2 pounds

  5. How many cold cranking amps does this battery have?

    The battery has a good power of 325 cold cranking amps to crank, so that it can handle any medium compression engine. You can just buy and ride it freely with confidence, if it is compatible with your vehicle’s engine.

Final Words

Overall, it is a good battery with limited features. If you have a Toyota Prius or Lexus CT200, and you are looking for a compatible battery with user friendly features which can be reconditioned in future, here it is! You can always check the battery you want, based on the model through the seller’s portal.

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