ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive Battery Review in 2020

ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BatteryThe ACDelco batteries are made by using the same blueprint as of the original batteries and ACDelco tries to make use of only the original parts for making their batteries.

You can use these batteries for any kind of automobile including automotive, industrial, marine, and recreational vehicles.

ACDelco batteries are laboratory tested and 100% certified for providing the safest replacement battery ever.

The electrolyte used in these batteries are permanently held in the glass mat separator and are not free-flowing. Therefore, there is no chance of leakage of the electrolyte.

These batteries are made with the finest technology of oxygen recombination that prevents excessive water in trucks like Ford F150.

ACDelco batteries are maintenance-free. Hence, there is minimal need for cleaning and maintenance of the battery after installation.

ACDelco 94RAGM Features

  1. ABSORBED GLASS MAT DESIGN: These batteries are made on the basis of absorbed glass mat design that ensures 100% prevention against leakage and spilling even in cold weather.
  2. GENUINE PARTS: The components and parts of ACDelco batteries are completely genuine and laboratory tested.
  3. PUNCTURE RESISTANT BACK: ACDelco batteries have a robust envelope separator with a puncture resistance back which ensures that your battery doesn’t puncture in any circumstances.
  4. ENHANCED LIFE: These batteries are made by using silver and calcium alloys that enhances and promotes battery life.


  • Maintenance free battery
  • Spill Proof and leakage proof
  • Guaranteed warranty for 36 months
  • High-density negative paste


  • Some chemicals used in these batteries are proven to be carcinogens. So make sure that you wash your hands everytime you touch the battery
  • Slow charging rate after 1 year of usage

ACDelco 94RAGM FAQ’s

  1. Will I receive all the tools that are required for installation of this battery?

    ACDelvo batteries do not require any tool kit for their installation. You can manually replace your old battery with this replacement battery.

  2. Is the warranty applicable if I purchase this battery online?

    Yes, of course. You will receive a warranty for 3 years after buying this battery. No matter from where you are purchasing it. You will get the warranty card for sure.

  3. Can I use this battery for my trolling motor?

    Yes, you can. ACDelco batteries are also compatible with trolling motors. Just make sure that you go through the compatible models for this battery before buying it.

  4. What are the dimensions of this battery?

    ACDelco batteries measure  12.4×6.9×7.5 inches in the format of length×breadth×height.
    If the battery keeping space of your vehicle is a little more than this, then go for it!

Final Words

Before getting a replacement battery, you should note that battery reconditioning can give life to your old battery. Try to recondition it and if it doesn’t work you can surely make ACDelco your choice of replacement battery.

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